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Back in the day...

About 15 years ago someone at a party was showing off their new Sony 505 and a program called Adobe Photoshop. I was intrigued and within a week had the camera and was starting to play. Progress was fast, new and better gear came quickly. I was a quick learner some might say but the reality is that I spent every hour I had learning and practicing. I rose quickly.

Then I was introduced to wedding photography and loved it. Attended a few WPPI events in Vegas and saw somethings I really liked - so I started focusing and building a wedding photography business. I photographed over 150 weddings before deciding to move (for work) to the Middle East. The move has been a great experience to date and I am here for awhile yet.

Now I seem more focused on travel photography and find it more challenging than weddings believe it of not. I have been very fortunate to travel to some pretty nice destinations and meet and work with some awesome photographers. Portrait work and projects still interest me and have not been totally forgotten. Still have thoughts of video work but...maybe a drone!

This image was a full page ad that I ran in a local paper perhaps 5 years ago. The ad did absolutely nothing for my business - not one call (marketing is not my strength) but it was fun putting it together. At one point I paid to have a brand created. It was another fun experience. You can see some of that in the add.

Photography has opened so many doors for me in regrets yet.


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